Xax, Goddess of Disease and Corruption, Ruina’Mater


The goddess Xax is never mentioned throughout history, only appearing when the Zetil Pantheon was dissolved. She is devoted to the reckless destruction and corruption of all beings and life, seeking nothing more than to turn Galavan to a rotting wasteland. Her followers gather in small and secretive cabals that kidnap and torture those who stand in their way.

She appears as a very large Dire Crow with one blue eye and one red eye. She speaks with two voices, one a young maiden voice which speaks in Elven, the other an old hags voice that speaks in Infernal.

Followers of Xax seek to corrupt the young and disease the elderly, to pervert the faith of the faithful, to blind, curse, and maim all they leave in their wake. Cabals devoted to Xax are thankfully rare and are hunted with extreme prejudice when they surface.


  • Followers of Xax may not cast spells with the Healing or Good descriptors.
  • Followers of Xax have a -2 divine penalty to their Fortitude saves.
  • Followers of Xax gain 1 less HP/level.


  • All Followers of Xax have divine immunity to the effects of all poisons and diseases. Once they contract any disease it stays within them, making them virulent carriers of contagion.
  • All Followers of Xax are immune to harmful Polymorph effects.
  • All Followers of Xax have a +1 bonus to caster level when casting Transmutation spells.
  • Due to their association with Slimes of various sorts, all Followers of Xax have Acid Resistance 15.
  • All Followers of Xax gain Fast Healing 5 when in direct contact with someone who is diseased.
  • Clerics of Xax may choose from the Madness, Pestilence, Slime, Suffering, and Wrath Domains, and her favored weapon is the sickle.


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