Year One Summary

Well folks, Year One started off with a bang (literally!) when the Pergisursian passenger airliner San’Gill was attacked by an unidentified force and sent crashing into the ocean below. Having barely survived that our newly minted adventurers found themselves amidst the wreckage of the airship fending off a beast known as Cinder the Reborn, the first of several encounters with the foul monstrosity.

Then Argle Fairweather died, oh no! But brave Argle had done a great deed for the party that day, for he had secured for them one of the lifeboats. Our adventurers would live to fight another day even though Argle was snuffed out like a weak candle by the forces of evil.

Before too long the lifeboat (at this point heavily damaged by the raging storm that surrounded the island that the San’Gill had been flying towards) was steered to the relative safety of The Alabaster Isle. Docking at Kendra’s Hold our adventurers found that the members of The Chapter of the Argent Archon were interested in what they had to say about the attack. After that it was time to clear out The Infested Grotto. A sampling of a foul black substance (which was very prone to bursting into flame) was taken and brought to the The Apothecus Luminary for studying.

Suddenly the building that the The Apothecus Luminary were using burned down! It was suspicious! What was left of the substance was securely locked away in an airtight container. Then a girl with clouds in her eyes washed up on shore and everyone took note. With the girl unconscious and unresponsive it was decided that she needed to be taken to the members of House Blackshade, which were located in the country of Pergisursia. Everyone, to the submarine!

It turns out that even under water our adventurers weren’t safe, they were attacked again by that hero of the heinous, Cinder the Reborn! Again our adventurers drove the monster back, where he retreated into the sea at the bidding of his mistress Whisper. The Promontory Piddock (the submarine) was damaged but still moving, they were able to make it home.

Oh the sights and smells of the capital city of Pergisursia (also called Pergisursia), resplendent in its’ white marble walls, brightly colored mosaics, and golden gleaming domes! Our adventurers were finally safe and could take a moment to collectively catch their breath. They delivered the girl to the Black Library, where the members of House Blackshade determined that there was something in the Shadow that was keeping her unconscious.

Seeing this as an opportunity for learning, it was determined that the adventurers would perform the ritual to open the gate to the Shadow and would free the girl. That’s when they saw the biggest crow that they had ever seen. It was well over six feet tall and had eyes of two different colors. They attacked the crow and defeated it, and Summer awoke.

It was time for a road trip! Err, well, a sky trip! Our adventurers joined a guild of fellow seekers of fortune. As members of The Artifact Reclamation Covenant they were given a new task, to seek out the ancient history of the town of Burcia, located on the floating continent of Crinoa. Off they went with Summer in tow.

Crinoa was not a good place for them. The people feared our adventurers and peril sought them at every turn. They met new friends like Linden Windborn, The Mechromancer, Gretchen Janesse, and Ozzo Fizzlewyk. They encountered an old enemy too, that hero of the heinous Cinder the Reborn, along with Sin Rothos and Whisper. It was clear that the Durnskald were taunting them.

Eventually our adventurers found themselves in the middle of a civil war between the members of The Consulate and the members of The Institution. Our adventurers sided with The Institution, thwarting a major Consulate operation in a mountainside facility known as Mt. Krag. There they defeated a Cryo-Hydra , met Archeusio Rex’Amon, and learned of the Tso’char menace that he was developing. Unfortunately, in their haste to leave Mt.Krag they breached the containment system that held the Tso’char at bay. This lead to a Tso’char attack on Burcia. Our adventurers fought bravely but couldn’t stop the Tso’char from overrunning the town. They had to flee and since nowhere in Crinoa was safe (thanks to the Tso’char) they fled back to The Alabaster Isle.

There was a disturbance on the Isle the night that they arrived, the head from the body of the god Othanops had been removed! Whisper spoke with our adventurers as well, in a moment of temporal seclusion. She wanted Summer to willingly go back with her. Summer refused, Whisper didn’t have the strength to keep the temporal anomaly open any longer and left. There was much to relay to their Houses in Pergisursia so our adventurers took their leave of the Alabaster Isle.

The moment they returned home they were given the task of delivering the Plaguestones that they had recovered from Crinoa to the The Winged Temple of Chanwyen. They arrived at Northridge (the town at the base of the plateau that the Winged Temple was built upon) just in time to witness some sort of attack involving a dark thick fog and soldiers. Unbeknownst to our adventurers at the time, an immense giant was hiding in that fog waiting to strike. It joined in the fray when they did, smashing flat small houses and just generally destroying everything nearby. Our adventurers wouldn’t have escaped had it not been for the intervention of a being known as Tic Tic the Loon, whom Sorathin had befriended earlier on the train ride to Northridge.

Our adventurers have turned the Plaguestones in and have witnessed the shining glory of Redemptor Demiscals Libram, what adventures await them now?

Find out in Year Two!

Year One Stats:
Sessions – 33
Player Character Deaths – 1
Average Character Level at the End of the Year – 5
Consistent Characters – 7
Retired Characters – 1
Total Characters – 9
Consistent Players – 6
Total Players – 8
Windows Washed – 62
Drunken Parties – 3
Cryo-Hydra’s Encountered – 1
Cryo-Hydra’s Killed in One Hit – 1
Airship Rides – 4
Airship’s Destroyed – 7

Year One Summary

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