Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald


Session 48

Razimuth raced down the cave, brimming with excitement over his discovery. Chief Astenfang would surely see the value of this, she had to, it was monumental. Literally.

Razimuth snickered at his joke to himself as he jogged outside the cave complex. He had been exploring deep beneath the surface in the sub-level of the cavern where the shaman council had made their proclamation of power a few days ago. They had been searching for a new source of raw Azca since the sun went dim to perhaps reverse the calamity; his people worshiped the light of the titan and it had nearly gone out around twenty days ago.

That had been a very bad day, one that Razimuth hoped he would be able to forget. He had seen horrible things happen to the children and elders, their twisted forms and shrieks still haunted his dreams.

He shivered involuntarily at the memory. He was almost home now, the cave wasn’t far from the tribe’s riverside village. Soon he could tell Chief Astenfang about the portal. The portal would be their salvation.

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