Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

Tiny Tickles

Session 35

Those ignorant fools.

I’ve been trying to avoid that thing in the swamp since it saw me three days ago. I saw what it did to the rangers. I saw how it punched right through their ribs and ripped their organs out. I saw green fire pour out of the creature, turning the ground black with ash. I saw terror.

Terror also saw me. I fled as fast as my wings could take me. Every time I stopped to rest the abomination was there. If I stopped to eat, it was there. If I stopped to piss, it was there.

No escape.

Finally, I’d had enough and couldn’t keep running anymore. Exhausted and bleary eyed, I perched in a tree and tried to survey my surroundings. That’s when I saw it again, only this time there were more of them. I tried to fight them off but they were too strong. I realized that these people weren’t the thing from the swamp after all, but by then I was on my last breaths. Using the last of my power, I placed myself in sand stasis. No one would attack plain old sand would they?

As it turned out, of course they would. They did. When I awoke I saw… things. A flash, an enormous sound, a pressure within, then I saw Them. Only briefly, but it was enough.

They had long slender appendages, covered with a thick layer of spines. Tentacles where their eyes should have been. Blood weeping from several nasal like orifices on their smooth mottled gray skin. Their black mouths were a nightmare, rows upon rows of broken jagged rotting teeth, dripping with slime. They looked towards me, I couldn’t help but stare. This was a dark and wretched place and these weren’t just things but instruments of psychotic intent. They had no eyes but I could feel them staring.

I could feel them staring.

Then I was sitting in a field of lush green grass amidst a grove of pear trees laden with succulent fruits.


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