Salin'ess-Khahaan Lasteroff

Daughter of Lasteroff, servant of Pergisursia.


Medium length black hair. Orange slitted eyes. Scales over most of her body except her face. She is very youthful looking for her age of 215.


Journal of Salin’ess-Khahaan

Salin’ess-Khahaan hatched from the third to last clutch of Empress Ligeia Lasteroff and Emperor Vir-Jil. As all royal offspring were, young Salin was watched over and tutored by Fang, the anathema that guarded the palace’s hatchery. She quickly learned that her body was smaller and more delicate than those of her hatchmates and thusly gravitated towards intellectual pursuits. As all her sisters before her, Salin spent time with the Empress and Emperor as they performed their duties but found politics and religion unsatisfying. Her desire to find her calling made Salin restless and she began to study with her older sisters in Pergisursia. Nothing was more important to her than finding a talent or passion that she could master. As a Daughter of Lasteroff, she was determined to dedicate herself to the service of her family and the Empire they had created and protected for over five thousand years.

When Salin decided to travel outside the city, she was instructed by her parents to choose a guard to accompany her. She requested Brie’ess, one of the medusa paladins who guarded the Garden of Heroes. Unlike many others, Salin did not fear the petrification that medusa possessed. She respected them for their honorable reputation and found their dedication to the redemption of the goddess Chanwyen noble. She hoped that, by travelling with Brie’ess , she could learn more of the serpentine sisters.

Salin and Brie’ess spent many years travelling to and residing in the cities outside of Pergisursia. Their friendship blossomed and the two became inseparable. Eventually they made their way to the Elemental Empire where Salin was introduced to psionics. They had been together over a century and a half when the paladin expressed it was her final wish to return to the temple of Chanwyen in Pergisursia. Brie’ess and Salin made their way home and the paladin died shortly after their return. Salin’s heart ached from her first real loss. She had known all the while it would end as such, for no mortals lived as long as the yuan-ti. At the age of 214, she was barely considered an adult by her kind. Distracted by her grief, Salin temporarily halted her study of psionics and took to running errands for the family. Although she felt lonely travelling without a companion, seeing many of her sisters again as she collected their letters for the Empress for the upcoming reunion raised her spirits. She had collected several before boarding the airship to the Alabaster Isle. As she stepped aboard she nervously spun the ring of water breathing on her left hand and hoped for an uneventful voyage.

Salin'ess-Khahaan Lasteroff

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