Killoren Monk, Herald of Ahz-Radamant


Link to The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight)

Deception and Betrayal. These thoughts surged through me, coupled with a new hate for one I had loved. Wrenching my mind from me, these emotions began to separate me from the battle I had to win at all costs. The whole affair was preposterous though… completely unexpected from the likes of him… “How could he do this? Was he planning this the whole time? What about that oath we had made?!”. The already very precise slashes delivered by the Seelie Sylph before him quickly became more vicious – demanding that he return his focus to combat. The enemy’s white eyes, absolutely unwavering, met my gaze. Not a hint of emotion flecked his eyes or contorted his rigid face. He is seriously trying to kill me. Sadness suddenly filled me and it took control in a moment’s time. Reaching out for him with an open hand, I gave it one final futile attempt to persuade him to stop. “Brothe…!” I yelled at the unchanging visage of my opponent – hoping he would pause mid-swing and laugh like he always did. He dealt a fatal blow, vertically slicing clean through my chest, starting right where the neck meets shoulders. He had really done it, that bastard. The cold image of his enemy burned in his mind, completely engulfing my conscious. I closed my eyes, releasing a deep sigh as I prepared to let go, accepting my fate.

The next moment I let out a long shrill cry in response to the excruciating pain, grasping my chest in a pitiful attempt to hold my body together. It was then that I began to realize the wound was not there. In fact, the very pain that coursed through my mind also seemed to vanish, a distant memory. I clutch my face with my hands, “Was it all a dream? By Morgan’s grace…” I think to myself, slowly settling down. At this moment I also realize that I am wearing nothing, and quickly reach for a tablecloth to wrap about myself. Suddenly a nondescript, and certainly unknown voice enters my ears: “By the blazes will you calm down? You’ll throw the whole ship into chaos.” Confusion continues to wrack my brain and I shake my head violently, trying to regain my faculties. I open my eyes and take in my surroundings, quickly realizing the environment is entirely foreign.

My eyes are drawn immediately to a fire set in a hearth, and I soon notice an older human in a dark green tunic eyeing me with what looks like a cross expression mixed with confusion similar to my own. My brow furrows immediately as I try to decipher what I’m seeing, ending up with more questions. “Who is this human? Why is there a fire? Where are the trees and plants that I normally see?” The older gentlemen, realizing that I am clearly bewildered, takes a new tone while I look around the room still brooding on these questions. “I think I know who you are. You’re a Killoren.” My gaze meets the man’s studying eyes, causing him to slowly nod, affirming to himself that he is correct. “Your kind are born when you are slain as a fairy.” My heartbeat quickens once more at this and suddenly the visage of a fairy enters my mind. Immediately gripped by a wave of pain at the image, I grasp my head, and begin shaking it in an effort to cause the image to disappear. The older gentlemen rises from his stool and comforts me, which steadily restores what little sanity I had prior to seeing the image. Gently the gentlemen raises what one would think an easy question: “What is your name young one?”

I try to recall memories of myself – anything about me. Reaching for things like a name a place of origin or my birthday causes me to draw blanks. The more I think about my memories, the more my brain is wracked with pain, so I stop after a few moments. I calmly look down at my hand, which prompts the gentlemen to withdraw from my side and return to his stool. Closing my fingers into my palm, I form a fist. The simple act of forming a fist feels very natural as I test my muscles. Unwillingly, I utter a part of a word “so” as I clench my fist. Almost entranced, I adjust my body, poising to strike with this fist, my fist. “Ra” is issued as I complete a pose which once more comes very naturally to me. Suddenly I extend my fist in the general direction of the fire: “theen (thin)!” Still bewildered by my body mostly moving by its own, I recollect control of my person as the gentlemen chuckles softly. "Sorathin is it? Good to make your acquiantance. I was hoping you might join me by the fire here. Come sit down at this stool, I have a game we can play to pass the time. With a desire to free my mind, I hesitate only a moment before sitting at the stool while the gentlemen draws a set of dice and scales from a pack at his side. “This man may not have the answers I seek, but perhaps he has a bit of wisdom he may impart upon me” I think to myself before he begins the explanation of his game.

Most recently I have become a member of the Undead. The curious sensations that often reached me, such as needing to breathe or being hungry no longer pester me. I’m thankful to still be conscious, but is this really my destiny? The challenge of overcoming my limitations and breaking boundaries no longer seems interesting. Everything else looks very dull and plain; It’s as if my motivations to struggle have been stripped from me. Krellem does terrifying things to Undead as well… Will he consider destroying me? I look over at the black stone that rests at the far end of the room… this stone must have brought me back like Jay and Silent Bob. It’s a curious and fascinating item I’m sure we’ll come to understand more with time. Despite that, I feel as though I’ve been cursed. I wish those plated creatures would just die when they’re put down the first time. I guess this is my fate… I must test myself and find new challenges to best… I can only hope they’re as satisfying as they were before.

Opinions of People

Argle Fairweather
Argle was the one who brought me to my senses, albeit unfamiliar to me at the time. He was also kind enough to play a game with me and invite me to a meal aboard the airship we were aboard. He passed away at sea which bore a wave of grief in my heart, the likes of which swell when I think of him. The creature Salin described may be at fault based on the look of his corpse – the creature will feel my pain as my undaunted fury is unleashed upon it’s helpless body.

Krellem.. this large half-giant has made it clear to me he means no harm. He was also able to wake me after the airship crashed so it seems he can be trusted. He speaks of a creature called Othanops.. I wonder if that’s the being that gave him power? Is that creature the dragon I saw while asleep? Regardless of these musings, he also offered a more comfortable clothing to shield myself from the weather. I am indebted to this man and will impose my iron will upon anything that wishes him harm.

He seems to persuade me to follow unusual customs very regularly. I can tell he’s sincere about them, but I find myself pondering the reasoning behind most of them. For instance, why would you always say “Good Evening” when leaving a room? It’s not like the evening has even started or ended yet… I suppose it will take some time to become more accustomed to the society that I am enveloped in.

I know not much about this one. She seems attuned to nature somewhat, as she was able to point us to land whilst among the storm after the crash. She also has a bit of strength about her. I don’t know if I can trust her, I’m curious to see how she behaves in the future.

Salin’s personality is hard to fit with her background. What I know of her so far is that she is very courageous and willing to help in what ways she can. She also fended off the strange creature atop the ship in the middle of a hurricane. From what was said at the table before the crash however, it appears as though she is some sort of nobility. I recall that nobility typically don’t endeavor to any great lengths, for concern of themselves and their well being. She has no bodyguards or protection and seeks to go to a place with hardly any civilization – something that I find inconceivable. Her form and persona possesses a natural beauty that sits well with me, not in a romantic nature but similar to fascination. I feel compelled to protect her, not because of her nobility but because of her personality.

This little halfling worries me. He seems distracted by things and although he did help me by treating my wounds I don’t understand his intentions. He doesn’t seem to give thanks to anyone for his power, like Krellem does. Plus he’s small. I find smaller creatures to be mischievous and untrustworthy. Maybe he will change my opinion in the future.

Jondar Shur’lyn
A drow that recently brought us lunch at the Inn we are staying at in Pergisursia. He is mild mannered, but the rest of the group has interrogated him heavily since he approached us and requested our audience. He claims he can help us somehow, but we know not how or why. The greater issue here is that I’ve been told to trust him by my house and to not trust him by friends. Who should I believe? I don’t wish to betray the comrades I’ve known thus far and I don’t wish to betray the house that offers me shelter. Krellem said I must choose… so must I choose between the house and the party? This is a predicament I will need to resolve if I am to find peace. Just thinking about it makes me want to punch something.

Summer Sky
A kind soul that we freed from the clutches of the Durnskald foulspawn and Zax herself. She remains distant – but this is understandable. I for one didn’t want to talk to anyone until I became more accustomed to my surroundings. She absorbs what she reads into pure knowledge, and she’s able to read at a miraculous pace. Surely she must be a divine being of sorts – she even warns us of nearby Durnskald. I feel as though she is just as lost as I am though… perhaps we can find some meaning behind her existence? Maybe her meaning and mine are similar? Do we hail from the same place? We must keep an eye on her, and I believe these answers will be revealed in time.

Fire breathing Clockwork Ant
One of the few creatures I’ve admired. Courageously it stood up to me and my brethren and struck us with the flame that burned within its heart. It refused my heartfelt embrace and nearly killed Krellem. With sorrow, we slew it to protect him. Will I ever find a companion that bellows with such heat and intensity? Salin says that I should be able to, but I still can’t forget the memory of my short lived friend.


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