Thoragen Vandorgin


Human male about 5’9" tall. Weights about 165 lbs. Golden blonde hair and is always very finely dressed. Although Thoragen typically does not us a sword he always carries one with him. He also carries many different items which he handcrafted himself. The items are always of the up most quality.


Thoragen’s Personal Thoughts

I was only 5 when I was first challenged to make a sword by the local blacksmith. Of course when that blacksmith is your father you’d expect nothing less than to get into the trade early. Growing up in Crinoa the blacksmiths were always a little different to say the least. The swords they made always hit a little harder and were harder to forge although you’d never know it by my father. I started on the sword and within a week the shape of the sword could already be seen but I was not happy with it. There was something wrong with it. It could be better it had to be better.

I discarded the sword at that time and started on a new one but the same thing kept happening and I didn’t understand why it was bothering me so much. Little did I know my father had more influence on me than I thought. By the time I was 10 I was selling as many swords as my father. I was a great blacksmith but the whole time I was making these swords I felt that I could make more. I needed to make more. I started branching out in other products and these products started to sell just as well as my swords. The craft of these products were talked about all over Brucia. Yet something was still missing.

I was approached when I turned 18 by a man who I have not seen before. He seemed very interested in my abilities by not my products which confused me even more. He said that he was building something and could use my skills and perhaps improve my skills as well. Since I had not been challenged in sometime I took him up on his offer. I started in a warehouse which I had pasted by numerous times little did I know what was held there.

All these materials which I had not had access to before I knew how to work with even though I had not touched them before. It came so natural that it scared me at first. I was able to make so many items given just a little bit of time and the items kept turning out better and better each time. My work started to evolve and soon I was working on scrolls which I didn’t even know I could make until I tried. Even though i have never been a person for the technical advanced products I found it very surprised that I could even do this.

Next I started working on potions. Again I had no idea that I would be able to make these. Even the clerics at the Church were shocked that I was able to do this. I showed no sign of what they called divine knowledge. Again I just thought it was a type of advanced alchemy. While I still enjoyed crafting with the exotic materials that Linden was able to provide my knowledge kept growing into different areas.

Lately I have been hearing a lot of chatter about a group going back to Pergisursia and I wonder what that could hold for me. I’m sure Linden still needs me working on the airship here since it was damaged but the repairs are almost complete. This group I think was the cause for some of this damage although Linden has been trying to avoid capture the whole time I’ve known him. I have a feeling things are about to change. While I’m sure this change will be good in the long run it is scary right now. I need to continue the repairs on the ship. Maybe I’ll find time to finish the other items I want to make soon. At least I hope I can.

The adventures I saw on the airship have went off. I think Linden said they were going to go to the ruins. Why they would want to go up there I have no idea but hopefully they make it back they seemed like a good group of strong individuals. Linden said they were in need of some gear. He said they could all use some gear although the halfling does not appear to have anything at all. I wonder if that is by choice. The half-giant seems like he could use some better armor. The other giant seems like she could use a ranged weapon. The elf looking thing I’m not sure what he needs I’ll have to get Linden’s thoughts. The Yuan-ti could use some better armor as well. I better get started on this stuff now if I plan on giving it to them before they leave. If they return anyway.

The adventurers have been gone a week. Progress has gone well on the items for them but its getting more difficult to move around town for the supplies I need because of the military. I think they are getting closer to finding Linden but that has never stopped him before. I also heard that the group find another Pergisursian while in town. I’ll have to make something for her as well. I still have plenty of time I believe.

Two weeks since the adventures have left. The town’s military continues to increase. I have a feeling this is going to be the last stand for Linden which worries me. I have learned so much from him and his friends I would hate to see anything happen to him. He is also pressuring me to finish fixing the airship as quickly as possible. While I can finish the ship I’m not sure if I will be able to finish the items for the adventures. It will be close I believe they are due back in another week or so. Guess I will have to spend extra time on them to make sure everything gets completed.

“Thoragen wake up!” I heard as my afternoon nap got interrupted. I had just finished the ship and the items after putting in a 30 hour work day. I was so close to passing out I didn’t have a choice but to take a nap.
“We need to get ready to launch. Quickly get your ass up here Thoragen” I continue to hear yelled at me. I walk out to the warehouse to see the doors closed and barred shut. While the doors being close isn’t anything new they are not typically barred. I ran to the ship and started to prepare it for launch. As I look out the windows I see another airship coming over the city. I also see fire outside.

Bang, Bang, Bang.. came from the door. I ran to the door and unbarred it. Opened it and found the elf, and a halfling outside. Though this was not the halfling or elf that I saw leave Linden said to let them in quickly and to get the door closed again. As I was closing the door a body exploded right in front of me spilling out these worm like creatures. I have never seen anything like it before. The halfling picked up one of them and throw it back outside.

“Thoragen get your ass back to the ship, they can handle the worms!” I hear from behind me. I ran to the ship and started to prepare for take off again. A moment later I hear a knock at the other door. One of the other warehouse men made it to the door before I could get off the airship. A group of people, including the halfling, the yuan-ti, and the elf with blonde hair, came through the door. The yuan-ti came over and helped prepare the ship while the halfling went to help his friends with the worms.

“The ship will be ready in just a few minutes!” I yell out to the warehouse staff. As the door that the group of people just came through opens again but this time it is the two halflings and the elf opening the door. It looks like they are going to fight something. As the door opens I see a very strange creature craw through the door and attack one of the halflings. Right after the two giants come through the door. Both of them look hurt and exhausted. “I’m going to go help them.” I told my co-workers “No get the ship ready we need to leave NOW!” I’m told in return.

Just as I look back the group of people are approaching the ship. They look as they they are ready to leave as well. Maybe I can give them the items before anything else bad happens.

Thoragen Vandorgin

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