After the ruins

Well, the ruins are cleared out. For the moment anyways. Then something else will find its way into them and the whole thing will start over. I wonder if the grotto at the Alabaster Isle is contaminated again already?

This is just frustrating… I really don’t think that any of the tasks we have “accomplished” so far have amounted to anything. Example- how many times did we have to “kill” that blasted fiery durnskald? Just because Krellem preformed a ritual on its heart, does that mean we are actually rid of it?

I’m filthy and exhausted. I just want to get back to town to bathe and sleep. Speaking of bathing, Sorathin is beginning to smell. I will have to help him with that once we get back to an inn. I picked up some cleansing oils that my undead cousins were kind enough to recommend on our trip to the Undercity. His hair is looking ragged as well; I will have to trim it for him.

Sorathin had a somewhat handsome face when I first met him. Now it is rather gaunt. I haven’t spent much time in the company of an undead before. I do hope his body can withstand all the fighting he is determined to put it through.

After the ruins

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