Everyone Drank Too Much

Wow! That explosion was truly astonishing!

Everyone seems to like the place we have been teleported to. The fruits look amazing! I wish I had a mouth so I could eat some too! But I hope we can get back home soon. We have important research to attend to!

That druid was so rude! If he had anything important to say, he should have said it. After all, the Shadow would affect his people too.

This is really fun! Writing in a journal, I mean. Salin has given me permission to write things down. My writing is not as nice as hers. I dip part of myself in ink and write away! She cleans me off with a cloth when I am done.

Soon I will be able to talk to people by telekinesis. That will be great- not everyone in this group knows Yuan-Ti.

That halfling goddess was very nice. It was interesting to meet a god. I have never met one before.

I wonder why everyone was so excited about drinking. Maybe the drinks were very tasty? Everyone got very wobbly.

Salin did not enjoy the party. I know she was anxious to go home so she can work on our mission. It is hard for her to have fun; she worries a lot about the people of our empire.

Ewww! It was very gross to see everyone’s dead bodies. Everyone else thought so too, and they all threw up. Totally gross!

Everyone Drank Too Much

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