I Wish For Friends

I hope we all can be very good friends one day! Salin doesn’t think we will, but I have high hopes! While she was sleeping, I drew a picture of everyone!


This is how everyone looks now. Kind of anyways… it is very hard to draw when you are a crystal! But I think I did a good job. Maybe I can get some paints and color this someday. Maybe everyone will be better friends by then and I can draw everyone with smiles!

I think Krellem likes to have fun, but he usually doesn’t seem happy. Maybe one day he will realize that he and Salin have a lot in common and then they can be friends! I hope he can find the head of Othanops too; I bet that would make him popular with the members of House Alabaster.

Salin is still very sad that Brieā€™ess died. I think she is scared to care about people who will get old so fast compared to her. I hope she can meet a handsome or beautiful dragon one day- at least those guys last a while.

Sorathin is happy! I know that SOME people think it’s because he doesn’t know any better. Maybe that’s true, but I’m glad he is happy! If he chooses to stay undead, maybe he and Salin can be friends for a long time.

Luon is smart and nice! She is also a very beautiful lady! I have a feeling that she is going to be a very important person one day- there is something very special about her.

Cara likes to have fun and she throws enjoyable parties. She has had a lot of practice with traps lately, so I bet she will get very good at finding them before they go off soon!

I sorta get the feeling that Thoragen thinks the rest of the party members are weird, but I bet he will like them more as he gets to know them. I wonder about that ruby soul gem he carries… I think only time will tell if it is a bad or a good thing. I would be great if it was good- maybe a crystal friend is in MY future!

I Wish For Friends

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