Alone in a bedroom in the palace, I had spent hours performing the ritual my couatl brother have given me at the Winged Temple. Suddenly, the air felt electric and a small ball of light appeared. The sphere quickly grew large and seemed to explode. Light flooded the room and it took me several moments to regain my sight.


Floating in front of me, there was a large crystal. It shown brightly for several minutes; its luminescence slowly seemed to shrink inwards till it only had the faintest glow. I heard the sound of breath sharply inhaled, and the crystal exclaimed in my native tongue,

“That was outrageous! Truly it was!”

I smiled to myself and rubbed my weary eyes. The crystal seemed to watch me as I put away all the trims and trappings of the ritual. I crawled into bed and gazed at the crystal until my eyelids grew heavy. It bobbed gently in the air and twinkled from the moonlight that streamed through the window in my room. I think I will call my crystal Jerrica.

Tomorrow we leave for our journey to beyond the Barrier of Souls. While I am not looking forward to this assignment, I think I will enjoy the company of my new friend. That is not surprising, as this crystal is a part of myself. Still, it will be nice to travel with a companion whom I have so much in common with.


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