Luon's Journal - Session 126

While we were waiting for Selin, we decided to take Isthmus to Blackwater Isle and let him assess the damage. Once he saw the problem firsthand, he decided that we would need some very powerful druids to fix it. I’m not sure where we’re supposed to find any, now that everyone from House Eltrus in the city is wiped out. One idea is to search the villages outside the city. We had been using the Spelljammer engine to get back and forth quickly, and while we were on our way back we encountered something in the Astral plane. It was some sort of being that looked like a large glob of quicksilver. It seemed to be intent on intercepting us, so we diverted course around it. This took us close to a large floating wooden building flying red banners. The building had airdocks, and from what we could see through the telescope, it was filled with either githyanki or githzerai. They started scrambling to their airships when they saw us. We didn’t want to stick around to find out which, so we dropped back to the prime material plane. A couple of their small fast ships got through the portal with us, and they communicated their desire to speak with us. Turns out they were githyanki.

They wanted to know why we were in their territory. We explained our situation to them and they offered some help in the form of a machine that collects azca. They use it to power their ships and other things. In return for the azca that they collect, they would set up the collector until we could repair the ley lines. This deal could bite us in the ass, as they now know where they can get azca relatively easily, but I don’t see much of a choice in the light of us not having powerful druids at the ready. We made the deal. When we left, the collector was in place and seemed to be reversing a lot of the damage the unrestricted flow was causing. Time to go back to Pergesursia. We arrived without further incident.

Upon returning, Selin was introduced to Trogdor. After hearing his story, and consulting with Fang on the subject, Selin decided that it was worthwile to restore Trogdor. Thoragen wasted no time and did it right away.

We also met with Rav Helster from House Derth. He is supposed to see if there was any information recovered from the fall of House Eltrus about the location of any powerful druids that may be able to help us with the ley line problem.

Luon's Journal - Session 126

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