Luon's Journal - Session 127

[Session 127]

House Derth didn’t have much information. They indicated that some of the Emblem Keeps were still occupied, but whether or not they were powerful enough to do what was needed, and whether or not they would cooperate was another question. They also said that there were druids that occupied groves outside the barrier. The last known group was on the eastern coast of the continent. After some debate, we decided to try there first.

We used the spelljammer engine again and arrived on the east coast quickly. Once there, we spotted from the air a large area devoid of the shadow plane, so we headed there. It was a large clearing, with trees surrounding it on all sides, save one tree right in the middle. We opted not to land there, figuring it was a sacred area to the druids. There was another clearing about 5 miles away. We proceeded on foot, as there was a path between the two clearings. The further towards the big clearing we got, the more dead bodies we saw hanging in the trees, and the path began to change from hard ground, to stone, to bone. Needless to say this was not a good sign. We got to the edge of the clearing and saw nobody. The sky began to change from daylight to twilight.

Once twilight was reached, we spotted three druids coming up the path behind us. It was strange. One spoke, but the other two mimicked his movements exactly. They had skulls hanging from their belts. We spoke with the one, explaining to him what we needed. He took us to the center of the clearing, the tree changed into a large table and chairs. We discussed terms with the druid and came to an agreement. He would repair the ley lines in exchange for the block of bronzewood we had, as well as obtaining several tsochar carcasses for him. Thoragen contacted the Mechromancer and asked him for the carcasses. He had them ready about 30 minutes later. Selin teleported there and then teleported back with 6 dead tsochar of varying sizes. The druid was familiar with the location of Blackwater Isle and said he’d meet us there.

We then traveled to the Isle. Upon arriving, the githyanki had modified the engine to the point where it was just directly funneling the azca into the astral plane – presumably directly to their tower. The druid said that he would not be able to do his work with their collector in place. There was some concern over whether or not they’d turn it back over to us and leave, and the druid said it would cost us more if he had to deal with them. Their leader even said he was thinking about reneging on the deal. Selin stepped in and convinced the githyanki otherwise [ooc – with the mother of all diplomacy checks]. He indicated that the collector was set up so that it would completely withdraw as they returned to the astral plane, and they were preparing to leave.

Luon's Journal - Session 127

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