Luon's Journal - Sessions 118-119

[Session 118]
We arrived at what I will call the Gate Temple. The contingent there has gotten a little larger. There are now palisades, longhouses, and several other structures, including an airship dock. We docked and went down to see what was going on. It appears that Isthmus has been placed in charge as a special envoy from House Auvraela’hass. We briefly discussed the fortifications and layout. They appear to be getting support from the tigers, which were also present. We visited with them for a bit. I may have to prepare a speak with animals spell to communicate with them at some point.

From there we went into the temple. Isthmus had mapped out all the traps and knew how to bypass all of them, so it’s a good thing he went with us. We went to the long hallway that near as we can figure is what provides the passage to the other temple, and Krellem and Isthmus went through. Afterwards, I performed a Discern Location to verify what we had thought – the other temple that this one is linked to is on the other side of the world. About 6000 miles away. Krellem had determined that this temple lies on the intersection of three different lay lines, and the other temple is on the intersection of the same three lines on the other side of the world.

We crossed over to the other side and did some checking around. We determined that the frame that held the door runs about 50 feet into the rock in either direction. Like the other side, the temple is built into the face of a cliff. We observed for a few days, discovering that the twilight sky is perpetual there. The durnskald still had a day/night sequence, as they all went back to the town at a certain time of day and we assumed them to be resting, as activity would cease. We saw three different kinds of durnskald. The black fateweavers, the white warriors and a new one we hadn’t seen before, grey ones. They appear to be some sort of worker class. They were ordered around by the other two types.

Our initial investigation revealed the presence of some sort of undead goblin near the door in a copse of shrubbery. When they were out and about, any white ones that got near where the goblin were hiding were killed by the goblin. If he was spotted doing this, he would run over to where the door was and lean against it. The durnskald that chased him would get confused and then walk away when they got near the door. After a few days of observing this, we decided to make contact with the goblin.

During our conversations with him, we determined that he was here when the gate was built. That would mean he would have to be thousands of years old. He could not remember his name. He communicated in a very old draconic dialect. It took magic to be able to communicate with him. After the durnksald went in for the evening, we came outside to talk with the goblin some more, in a cave that he used for his home. We found out from our discussions that the durnskald that are like Krellem and Summer used to exist, but were all killed when the durnskald were brought here. The perpetual twilight also started at that time. He also told us that he never kills the grey ones, only mostly the white ones and occasionally the black ones. He emphasized the black ones were extremely dangerous (as if we didn’t know that already).

[Session 119]

We decided to see if Krellem could cleanse one of the durnskald. We made a deal with the goblin – he would bring us one, still alive and we would try to cleanse it. He agreed to his, but only if it was on the white ones and under the premise that it would cause the subject a great deal of pain. We guaranteed him the ritual would be painful.

The first one that Krellem tried died during the process. The corruption was so deeply ingrained that removing it seemed to sap his strength completely. We wondered if maybe there were varying degrees of corruption, so the next few that the goblin brought were all checked first. After a while, it seemed they were all severely corrupted. Krellem decided next to try using the remove curse spell. This was even more greusome than the ritual. The body basically melted.

Our process caught the attention of a couple of the fateweavers and one of the warriors. Once they got near the gate, the fateweavers attacked the warrior, and said – presumably to us, since they couldn’t see us – that they didn’t care who we were, but we could deal with the injured warrior. Krellem did a remove curse on him and he melted in front of the fateweavers. Krellem started a coversation with the one, and she was intrigued about us. She agreed to come back at night when nobody else was around. We rested until later that night, and waited for them outside. True to their word, they came back – just the two of them. They figured out who we were and agreed to an exchange of information.

We found out from the fateweavers that they were under orders from Sin Rothos to kill us, and under orders from Whisper to aid us. Whisper was apparently in a lot of trouble and was being held at some sort of tower that appears to be being used as a headquarters for the durnskald. She felt that the worship of Xax was not in the durnskald people’s best interest, while Sin Rothos embraced it. I’m still a little unclear of the connection between Xax and A’ki. The fateweavers confirmed our suspicion that Whisper had cleansed Summer, although they were not present for the act and didn’t know how it was done.

[There was more we found out, but I forgot to take notes and can’t remember. Can someone please add info here?]

Krellum was attempting to get the fateweavers to bring one of the risen men from the army to see if he could cleanse them.

Luon's Journal - Sessions 118-119

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