The Pantheon of the Titans

Players may choose to worship any of the gods or goddesses listed below unless restricted by their Chapter or House choices, with the exception of the Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil gods.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Amoth – God of Justice and Mercy, slain by Orcus
Bahamut – God of Wisdom, Protection, and Law. Son of Io and brother of Tiamat

Alignment: Neutral Good
Stronmaus – God of Joy, the Sun, and the Sky. Son of Annam

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Tritherion – God of Liberty, Retribution, and Self-Defense

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Dantalion – God of Nobility
The Lady of Pain – Goddess of Suffering, Mazes, and Portals, she has very few followers as they always end up dying the same way; slashed apart by giant blades, left with their skin flayed from their bones.

Alignment: True Neutral
Annam – God of Magic, Knowledge, Fertility, and Philosophy. Considered to be the creator deity by the titans.
Io – Goddess of Balance, Peace, and Travel. Mother of Bahamut and Tiamat
Zuoken – God of Physical Mastery, Mental Mastery, and Conflict

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Shax – Goddess of the Sea and Storms

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Asmodeus – God of Manipulation and Torture
Memnor – God of Pride, Honor, Mental Prowess, and Control
Tiamat – Goddess of Destruction, Trickery, and Tyranny. Daughter of Io, sister of Bahamut

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Iborighu – God of Hate and Cold

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Demogorgon – God of Chaos and Wrath
Orcus – God of Malice and Evil

The Pantheon of the Titans

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