Travel beyond the Barrier of Souls

Fang had mentioned that the magic used to maintain the Barrier of Souls is unnatural. My parents were advised of this before the barrier was erected a little over a thousand years ago. However, no one could propose any other way to keep the savageness of nature from enveloping our homeland. The Shadow had lain over the surrounding lands for too long, its influence on the plants and animals making them larger and more feral. We had fought off the wilderness for thousands of years, but it had become so bad that we had reached the point where the troops had begun to lose ground. The Houses voted in favor of allowing the elves of House Eltrus to use their magic to construct and maintain the barrier. While it was concerning that House Eltrus would not divulge how the barrier worked, it was the only method to save the people of Pergisursia. The barrier remains active today, but it is merely the dressing to protect us from the infection of the Shadow.

Before founding Pergisursia, my parents activated three towers that were built by a type of people referred to as the Magi. These Magi were so ancient that nearly everything regarding them had been lost by the time the towers were activated. My parents and their companions believed that our plane and the realm of the Shadow would become one- one plane as they had been very long ago, according to archaic texts. However, this was not so. The planes did not merge but began to coexist. The Shadow creeps over the land, slowly absorbing it all.

My family continues to fight the Shadow and search for ways to eliminate it. We have not had the fortune of recreating towers similar to the ones of the Magi. Many of my sisters have dedicated their lives to this pursuit and made no progress towards the goal.

I doubt our expedition past this barrier will amount to much. I can at least justify the time spent, knowing we may be able to help protect the rangers who guard the Emblem Keeps.

Travel beyond the Barrier of Souls

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