House Eltrus

House Eltrus, seat of the Elves and The Chapter of Everlasting Growth, granted power over The Dominion of Blood by Pergamontis herself as written in the Redemptor Demiscals Libram.

The elves and fey-blooded of Pergisursia formed House Eltrus as a means of preserving their unique cultures. Here they work to promote the arcane arts and the study of nature, with the truly dedicated joining The Chapter of Everlasting Growth in service to their goddess. They were the second House to recognize House Blackwater, showing great support for their new undead comrades and welcoming them with open arms.

House Eltrus is far more reserved now, voting down proposals to establish new Houses and accosting suspicious travelers within the kingdom. The recent attacks from The Darklands may have something to do with that.

House Eltrus rarely accepts new members, a policy that started when they issued what they called “The Edict of Purity”.

House Eltrus

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