Pergamontis, Goddess of Life


Pergamontis was once held in high esteem among the Pantheon of Zetil but was cast from grace for reasons that have been lost to history. She was freed from her bonds in the the year 6958 of the Age of the Citadel and rose to prominence again when the Pantheon of Zetil fell.

She appears as a tall Elven woman of curvy stature, eyes carved from cobalt blue sapphires, waist length wavy green hair, wearing a crown of Ivy, and dressed in a green gown trimmed with flowers.

Followers of Pergamontis are serious people who want to preserve life in all of its various forms including aberrations and undead. They are passionate but lacking in empathy for those who contract disease or are deformed. They consider all forms of life sacred and abhor constructs above all else, seeing them as a perversion of nature that must be destroyed. They absolutely cannot stand the presence of War-Forged since they walk the line between construct and life.


  • Followers of Pergamontis inherently pull their punches when fighting anything other than constructs, this imposes a -1 Divine Penalty per dice rolled for damage and their attack rolls. This applies to all forms of attack UNLESS the attack is from a positive energy source or the attack deals specifically nonlethal damage.
  • Followers of Pergamontis are forbidden from killing anything that is not an adult of its respective species, this does not apply to undead, constructs, or War-Forged.
  • Diseases are a type of life. As such followers of Pergamontis are forbidden to cure or remove diseases.


  • All Followers of Pergamontis get a +2 Divine bonus to their Fortitude saves.
  • All Followers of Pergamontis get a +2 Divine bonus to their HP each level.
  • Clerics of Pergamontis may choose from the Animal, Life, Pestilence, and Plant Domains, and her favored weapon is the sickle.


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