Year Two Summary

During a fight with a druid year Two started out with a bang! Literally!

Unfortunately for our intrepid heroes they were caught in the blast radius. When they awoke, they found themselves on the plane of Arborea with a few questions that desperately needed answering. While there they had an unpleasant chat with the druid, a human man named Isthmus, who had also been caught up in the explosion. He was a bit standoffish and aloof. Afterwards our heroes traveled to a nearby city in a tree where they met Yondalla and Bacchus. For a small favor Bacchus agreed to help our adventurers return home, which they agreed to.

The scene that greeted them on their return was one not easily forgotten. A small clearing in the forest where they had been fighting Isthmus, strewn with remains and bits of charred flesh and heavy with the scent of rot. Investigating further our heroes found equipment that the corpses had left behind, equipment which seemed eerily familiar. Equipment with their names on it.

Traveling further into the swampy wooded terrain our dear friends came upon an island with a single solitary campfire burning on it. Observing that no one else was present they approached the fire, noticing only a moment too late that the fire was burning despite having no fuel. With that, the hero of the heinous Cinder the Reborn was once more assailing our heroes with fang and flame. With ferocity our heroes put the foul beast to rest once more, finding naught but a lump of heart shaped coal embedded in Krellum’s helmet for their trouble.

When they tried to leave the area though, things went south. Well, more precisely things didn’t go west. No matter how much our heroes walked they never got any closer to the way they came from. They did end up traveling far to the icy north, then back south again to stand at the edge of the Archadian Crater. It was there that they met with the Lady Aggara and the Lady Lynzex, both Durnskald, both Fateweavers of A’ki sworn to Whisper’s service. Instead of offering entropic death like the party expected they instead offered aid at the written behest of their mistress; it was with their help that a portal out of the shadow lands was opened.

They conveniently left out the part about the portal winding through some portion of the Far Realm. It was mind bendingly horrifying but such experiences are just a part of growing up.

Now on the northern edge of the Barrier of Souls, our heroes entered their home country with little rejoicing or fanfare. From there they traveled to the nearby village of Northridge where Thoragen made a deal with a shifty gravedigger and his accomplice, a man who goes by the name of Redfox. The deal was simple, take package A to a woman named Madame Mothwing in the capital city, then take a package from her and deliver it, or not. Thoragen chose the latter option.

While he was doing that the others did some research on Cinder’s coal heart and found that he was indeed dead. Dead dead. At least there was that.

To Be Continued…

Year Two Summary

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